Try it yourself!

So You Want To be An Architect?

The 20,000 Blocks DDU Demo allows you, the Server Owner, to design a catalog of Shapes which players will use to construct build designs.

Players join into the game and are given some starting blocks and begin creating large structures by copying Masks from your Catalog. As Masks are completed they are replaced with their corresponding Shape. As players discover more Masks and Shapes, they will be able to create much more elaborate structures.

This principle (called the Shape Grammar principle) has been the topic of much research in many fields. 20,000 Blocks fuses this principle with Crowd-sourcing and Gameful Approaches to allow experts and non-experts to create more human solutions than just by using parametric modelling.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s BUILD!

Quickstart Guide

Part 1: Installation

1) Download the Technic Pack Launcher

Point your browser of choice at:

Select the appropriate version of the download based on your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux)

2) Add 20,000 Blocks Modpack

Open up the Technic Pack Launcher and search for our modpack.

Once you have searched for the modpack, click on the Install button, located in the bottom right of the window.

3) Run the Game

Once the game has finished installing, the Install button will change into the Play Button. Click the Play button.

It will take a while for the modpack to load. You will know it is complete when the Mojang logo is gone and replaced with the Minecraft Main Menu.


4) Load the Demo Level

Select the Singleplayer options, then click on the “20kb-demo-flat” world.

Click on “Play Selected World”



Part 2: Play 20,000 Blocks

5) Start the Play Script

Right click on the computer that is located near the spawn area.

Type in ‘play.lua’ and press the Enter Key to start the game. use the Escape key to exit the computer terminal.

When the light above the computer begins to blink, the script is running and you are ready to play!

6) Build your first Structure

The demo comes with some basic pre-designed Vocabulary. To test that everything is working, you can begin creating some structures in the Play Area. Open your inventory using the ‘e’ key and click on the compass (Search Items). Type in ‘Wool’. Take some Urban and Green Resource Blocks. These have a distinctive texture with a small Purple house or a small Green Tree on them.

Take some of each and place them into your Hotbar.

The slots at the bottom of your inventory are the Hotbar slots.

Place the block next to Detector Blocks (the turquiose blocks with feet on them) in the Play Area like this:

A completed Mask consisting of 3 Urban Resource Blocks and a Detector block.

Then Stand on the Detector Block. The structure should change into something like this:

A completed Shape. Note that the blocks from the mask are overwritten.

Congratulations! You have just completed your first structure in 20,000 Blocks. Place some more blocks down to create a more complex structure.

Part 3: Working with the Catalog

7) Modifying the Catalog

Now that you know how the Play Area works, you can modify the Catalog to create more complex structures. Each Catalog ltem is made up of a match pair of zones. The first Zone is marked with Black Blocks and is called the Mask:

The Mask you place here is what the players must build during a game.


The second part of the pair is marked with White Blocks and is called the Shape:

The Shape is what replaces a Mask when a player activates it.

You can freely modify both zones to change the existing Catalog Items, or you can add new ones to the empty zones.

For example you could change the Mask for the first zone to this:

Its corresponding Shape could be changed to this:

These changes take affect immediately, so you can test them in the Play Area.

Please note: Previously constructed structures will not be retroactively modified. Place the Mask again and stand on the Detector block to create a new Shape in the Play Area.

If you wish to reset the Play Area there is a button attached to the Computer for this purpose. You can right click on the button to start a reset. Please be patient as sometimes the reset will take a little while.