Take Part in “20,000 Blocks”

header image.00120,000 Blocks Above the Ground is a research project at the DDU which connects gaming to robotic fabrication. The project is open to the public to participate. For proof of concept we use Minecraft where we developed a mini-game. When you, and anyone else, play the mini-game, you contribute to producing terraced, building-like structures which we are going to post-process and fabricate with an UR10 Robot Arm.

Check out this video to get a visual idea how it looks when 20 something kids play 20,000 Blocks together and crash our server 🙂 — don’t worry, we’ve fixed the issue since then 😉


The rules are simple:

  1. Reach the red platform first!
  2. Buy building materials from the villagers. You need emeralds as currency.
  3. To win an emerald build a platform measuring 5 by 5 blocks.

The correct way to build the platform is to place a block of diamond surrounded by 24 blocks of wool. Stand on the diamond and wait for the platform to get recognised and your emerald to be awarded. See the video below for all instructions.

Join our Minecraft server at IP:

Ask you friends to join too! Its more fun when more people play together.