The research project, “20,000 Blocks Above the Ground”, started with the question: “Can gameplay be used to guide groups of non­-experts through the creation of collaborative architecture designs?” Players build structures in a virtual world based on the game Minecraft. These structures are exported and processed using Rhino/Grasshopper and then fed to a robot arm which constructs physical, scaled-down models.
The project, run by the Digital Design Unit of TU Darmstadt, aims is to utilise concepts from crowdsourcing and game design in architecture.
Currently, the public can participate in the project via its website (

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The project is run at:
Digital Design Unit (DDU) — Prof. Oliver Tessmann
at Technical University Darmstadt

Project Team:
Anton Savov (DDU, AWARE)
Ben Buckton (Invent the World, Australia)
Jörg Hartmann (DDU)
Sebastian Kotterer (DDU)
Philipp Vehrenberg (DDU)